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The Outreach Marketer | June 30, 2015

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5 Easy Ways to Refine Your Blogger Outreach Emails

June 5, 2015 | 3


Just like an outreach email should be easy to look at and digest so is this blog post!

1. Type with a purpose

Before you send that outreach email, peruse the blog, hone in on what you are asking for … Read More

A Guide to Incorporating Vlogger Outreach With Your Current Marketing

June 2, 2015 |

Have you ever wondered if your brand should be doing more outreach with influential YouTubers or “vloggers?”

According to recent case studies and research revolving around vloggers as influential marketing assets, the answer to your question may be fairly simple. … Read More

9 Marketing Tips I Learned From Hosting 3 Virtual Conferences

May 28, 2015 |

Last month the third Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit hosted by GroupHigh streamed which featured 46 presentations, 2,000 attendees and an awesome Twitter chat. Presentations ran live all day and are now available on demand.

Thought leadership presentations on topics such … Read More

Are You Working With the Right Bloggers?

May 21, 2015 |

Having a plan in place that tracks and measures blogger outreach results is what separates the good marketers from the “meh” marketers. And you don’t want to be a meh marketer….

Bloggers are niche focused unlike traditional publications which has … Read More